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74 Main Street, Suite 200 • P.O. Box 370
Bucksport, ME 04416

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Offering Free Consultations About the Personal Injury Claim Process

For attorneys serving Ellsworth, Maine, Bar Harbor, Maine, and surrounding areas, contact Fellows, Kee, Tymoczko & Lewis, LLC. At our firm, every case is important. Whether for a minor injury or a life-altering accident, our personal injury lawyer can file a claim with the court. We will defend your case if you live in Ellsworth, Maine, Bar Harbor Maine, or the surrounding area. Contact us online or call (207) 469-7323 or (800) 639-2905 now for a free initial consultation.

Fellows, Kee, Tymoczko & Lewis, LLC, Fights for Ellsworth, Maine, Clients

Accidents can leave you with injuries that take months or years of recovery. Residents of Ellsworth, Maine, injured in an accident can contact us. Whether from a car crash, slip and fall, medical malpractice, or other accident, we will get the settlement you deserve. Insurance companies avoid paying claims, but we can help you fight back. Our legal team has argued in court and negotiated with insurance companies for years.

Injured in a Bar Harbor, Maine, Vehicle or Work Accident? Call Us Today

Thousands of Americans are injured or die in car accidents every year. The residents of Bar Harbor, Maine, are no exception. If you suffered a no-fault injury or a loved one was killed in a no-fault car accident, contact us. You might be entitled to reimbursement of medical bills and compensation for pain and suffering and lost wages. The personal injury lawyer at Fellows, Kee, Tymoczko & Lewis, LLC has helped Bar Harbor, Maine, residents for years. Our attorneys have expert knowledge in this field of case law.

Fighting for Our Clients in Ellsworth, Maine, and Bar Harbor, Maine

Filing an accident claim is a very important step in the recovery process. Let us help you prepare the paperwork and gather important evidence that will help your case move forward. We draft effective court filings, gather evidence, and submit paperwork to the court to get prompt judgment for your case. Contact the attorneys of Fellows, Kee, Tymoczko & Lewis, LLC, to consult a lawyer about any of these matters:

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