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74 Main Street, Suite 200 • P.O. Box 370
Bucksport, ME 04416

Wills, Powers of Attorney, and Advance Health Care Directives in Maine

Lawyers Help Establish Estate Plans to Convey Final Wishes for Clients

For wills, testamentary trusts, and power of attorney in Bucksport, Maine, contact Fellows, Kee, Tymoczko & Lewis, LLC. Most people should have an estate plan. Estate plans make sure assets pass to the people or charities you designate. They also ensure the estate has the proper financial documents in place in case the testator becomes mentally disabled. Estate plans also appoint someone to make healthcare decisions when the testator is unable to do so.

Our attorneys help set the legal components in place to make it a reality. Furthermore, our law firm understands the complexities that can come with estate planning challenges. Call (207) 469-7323 or (800) 639-2905 or reach out online about concerns such as blended families, estate taxes, and more.

Wills Establish a Tangible Way to Pass Assets to Heirs

Assets provide you with a tangible way that you can take care of your loved ones after you pass away. We help our clients to pass those assets down. Our attorneys help establish ways that provide your heirs and beneficiaries with the greatest benefits possible.

Providing Financial and Durable POAs and Healthcare Directives

A major component of estate plans in Penobscot, Maine, and surrounding areas, is establishing a Power of Attorney, or POA. A POA is an instrument used when you are not able to make financial or medical decisions for yourself. When incapacitated, the person you appoint has the legal authority to make financial and/or medical decisions for you.

There are different types of POA designations, which include financial and durable powers of attorney, in addition to healthcare directives. A healthcare directive defines your medical decisions in writing in advance so the care team can carry out your wishes.

Plan and Prepare for the Future with Fellows, Kee, Tymoczko & Lewis, LLC

You do not know what the future holds so now is the best time to prepare for what might come. Fellows, Kee, Tymoczko & Lewis, LLC helps you establish the estate plan that conveys your wishes for the future. We also ensure those wishes are upheld after you pass away. Contact us to schedule an appointment with our attorneys and get started today if you live or work in:

Contact Fellows, Kee, Tymoczko & Lewis, LLC for wills, powers of attorney, and advance health care directives in Maine.