74 Main Street, Suite 200 • P.O. Box 370 | Bucksport, ME 04416

74 Main Street, Suite 200 • P.O. Box 370
Bucksport, ME 04416

Lawyers for Rockport and Cushing, Maine

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Talk to lawyers for Rockport and Cushing, Maine, at Fellows, Kee, Tymoczko & Lewis, LLC. Are you looking for a state-licensed attorney in Rockport, Maine, to help you settle legal matters? Fellows, Kee, Tymoczko & Lewis, LLC, is a full-service law firm. We offer assistance in real estate matters, guardianship, conservatorship, elder law, estate planning, and personal injury compensation cases. Since 1983, our firm has featured a team of well-trained and experienced attorneys. Our staff dedicates itself to offering quality representation in Rockport, Maine; Cushing, Maine; and the surrounding areas. Reach out to us by calling (207) 469-7323 or (800) 639-2905 or contact us online for the counsel that you deserve.

Incorporate Your Business with Fellows, Kee, Tymoczko & Lewis, LLC

Incorporating your business has its advantages. Doing so permits you to own funds and assets plus have access to limited liability and transferable shares. Incorporations also include perpetual succession and extending the capacity to sue. Fellows, Kee, Tymoczko & Lewis, LLC, will help navigate the process to incorporate businesses as registered companies under Maine law.

Establish Guardianship and Conservatorship in Rockport, Maine

At Fellows, Kee, Tymoczko & Lewis, LLC, we proudly offer a range of legal services for clients in Rockport, Maine. In addition to elder law and personal injury cases, we provide guardianship and conservatorship resources. These resources offer assistance to serve the needs of your aging loved ones. Our compassionate, client-centered approach helps our clients make well-informed decisions about guardianship and care management. Additionally, we work with county services, courts, and medical and social caregivers. Together, we ensure the best care for those who can no longer make decisions for themselves while preserving their interests.

Personal Injury, Accident, and Wrongful Death Claims in Cushing, Maine

If you were involved in an accident and believe you deserve just compensation, an experienced personal injury attorney can help. At Fellows, Kee, Tymoczko & Lewis, LLC, our successful attorneys are always available to discuss your accident details. Our legal experts fight for your legal rights and everything to which you are entitled. The same is true if you lost a loved one due to violence, negligence, or the misconduct of another. With wrongful death claims, we can help you seek compensation that recognizes the value of the deceased. Feel free to contact us today for your free case evaluation. We proudly serve Rockport, Maine, and Cushing, Maine.

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