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74 Main Street, Suite 200 • P.O. Box 370
Bucksport, ME 04416

Medical Malpractice Lawyers in Maine
Fellows, Kee, Tymoczko & Lewis, LLC

Medical Providers Have a Duty to Provide Standards of Care to Patients

Find medical malpractice attorneys in Maine at Fellows, Kee, Tymoczko & Lewis, LLC. You expect to receive proper care from your doctors. They have a duty to do so, in accordance with the standard of care that applies to each case. Patients who do not receive the care they need from the doctors they trust can suffer disastrous results. If you feel a doctor or medical provider failed to perform their duty, contact the lawyers at Fellows, Kee, Tymoczko & Lewis LLC. Call (207) 469-7323 or (800) 639-2905 or contact us online to discuss all compensation rights following medical negligence or malpractice.

Fellows, Kee, Tymoczko & Lewis, LLC, File Liability and Negligence Claims

The attorneys at Fellows, Kee, Tymoczko & Lewis LLC understand the importance of seeking compensation from your doctor’s mistakes. Medical malpractice claims serve two purposes. First of all, they shift financial liability from the patient to a responsible party, like their doctor or insurance company. Secondly, they hold the doctor accountable for negligence. This can help prevent other patients from having to suffer injuries or deal with other damage from medical malpractice.

Our Knowledgeable Legal Team Serves in and Around Holden, Maine

Our knowledgeable team will discuss your case with you and explain your options during your free consultation. Our attorney gives each case the attention it needs so we can obtain the compensation clients deserve. With our help, clients can overcome the pain they experienced at the hands of medical professionals. At Fellows, Kee, Tymoczko & Lewis LLC, we are ready to fight for your medical malpractice claim. We proudly serve clients in Holden, Maine, and surrounding areas including:

Trust Fellows, Kee, Tymoczko & Lewis, LLC when you need experienced medical malpractice attorneys in Maine.